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ACA Buying Group can pave the way to a more profitable future!

This is an example of how the ACA can save your company thousands of dollars with discounts you can only get from ACA Service Providers. The saving percentages each Service Provider offers can vary greatly. When you become an ACA member you can view each offer to determine the best purchasing approach for you.

Theses examples are based on an electrical contractor with 25 employees and  $10 million in annual revenue.

Rebate Example:

Expenses Average Rebate** Projected Savings
Materials and Supplies $700,000* 3% $21,000
* How rebate Expenses total was determined.
35% of Revenue spent on material and supplies
35% of $10 million is $3.5 million
20% of contractor’s vendors are ACA members (conservative percentage)
20% of $3.5 million is $700,000

Insurance Savings Example:

Expenses Average Discount** Projected Savings
Workman’s Compensation Insurance $50,000 11% $5,500
Company Car and Truck Insurance $30,000 14% $4,200
General Liability Insurance $20,000 11% $2,200
Total $11,900

Rebates and Combined Insurance Savings Total:

Rebate $21,000
Insurance $11,900
Total $32,000

** The Average Rebate/Discount percentages shown are based upon historical data and are representative only. Actual savings will vary between each ACA Solution Provider.

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