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ACA Buying Group launches new company with services directed to small contractors.

1 October 2016 Posted by mhoffmann Uncategorized

Affiliated Contractors Alliance (ACA) is launching a new company with services directed to small to medium contractors. Members will receive rebates and incentives on product purchases and services that are important to their business. Tool and construction material purchases, fleet leasing, insurance and other services will be geared specifically for them. “Smaller contractors make up the backbone of the construction industry,” said Buddy Goldammer, ACA president. “ Now they can access more affordable products and services that larger contractors receive to help level the playing field in winning projects.” Member contractors can purchase qualifying products at any retailer and still receive rebates.

As a part of an ACA membership, each member will use the ACA Purchase TrackerTM to capture and track all qualifying purchases. This app is an industry first, and will be useful for employees that are asked to make company purchases.

ACA will also maintain a group of solution providers that will include industry leading companies and manufacturers. Each of these solution providers will provide rebates and/or incentives for purchases of their products. ACA will manage and distribute earned rebates yearly. “This idea has been well received by potential manufacturers, because the market is changing and this is a difficult group to target,” said Buddy Goldammer. “ It’s a win-win for both groups.”

ACA Buying group is currently looking for additional member contractors and potential solution providers. To join ACA Buying Group, go to and fill out the “Join” questionnaire.

Affiliated Contractor Alliance (ACA) Buying Group is a privately owned company with offices located in St Louis, Missouri. More information is available at:

Send all inquiries to:
Buddy Goldammer